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All claims will typically be settled within 90 days, with the exception of incidents that require the involvement of the courts.

The Car Insurance claims process starts as soon as an incident occurs. Your role is to collect related information which you will use to fill the claim form. The official process however starts when you fill and file a claim form with us. That will be the first day of the claims process

Please call us as soon as you can whenever you are involved in a car accident and you believe it will lead to a Car Insurance Claim. The sooner you let us know that you have been involved in an incident, the better equipped we will be to help you process the matter.

An employee who suffers Temporary Total Disablement due to an accident that incapacitates him for 3 days or longer is entitled to receive a periodical payment equivalent to his earnings, subject to minimum and maximum amounts that The Minister will fix from time to time.

Employer will be liable to pay medical expenses which include dental, medical, surgical, medicine, transport within Kenya and supply, maintenance, repair and replacement of artificial limbs,crutches and other appliances and apparatus used by persons who are physically disabled.An employer is also required to provide and maintain such appliances and services for the rendering of First Aid to his employees in …

Compensation shall be calculated on the basis of 96 months earnings subject to a minimum and maximum amounts determined by the Minister.

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